Groups and Causes

We have a number of leaders growing out of our coalition. Check out links to the pages below.
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Women of color need support with our reactions to systemic racism, access to self-care resources, and support for our families. DC Daughters of the Diaspora endeavors to support all women of color through resource-sharing, networking, self-care sessions, and retreats that both teach and support a love for self, heritage, and community. 

Both middle and high school age youth work together to create an anti-racism/advocacy framework for their peers while also creating and facilitating events in their neighborhoods to bring youth together. 

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 A free, non-profit program for middle and high schoolers who are interested in telling impactful stories about Washington, DC residents, neighborhoods, and communities through photography, animation, and film.

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These support groups are bold spaces for white members of the Anti-Racism Coalition to do that essential personal work. We'll apply the principles of mindful listening and conversation, visualization exercises, and writing to better understand how we have internalized ideas of racism and white supremacy, and to support each other as we work to become effective allies. By building self-awareness in a non-judgemental space, we deepen our ability to participate in straightforward discussions around racism where we might have to sit in our discomfort.