DC Daughters of the Diaspora

Building an authentic network of like-minded women of color who believe in the value and power of our leadership in Washington, DC.

There is Power in our Alliance


Above all else, women of color need to heal as a unit from the diverse impacts of systemic and internalized racism on us, our families, our neighbors and our communities. We also have relevant and practical culturally-based ideas that, if given the proper cultivation and support, would blossom into the viable and effective non-profits and programs our blocks, neighborhoods and communities need to authentically flourish without gentrification. DC Daughters of the Diaspora endeavors to bring all women of color together so we can use our ingenuity and wisdom to: 

Heal our peoples

Acknowledging and prioritizing our individual and collective healing from the traumatic effects of both systemic and internalized racism  as well as their impact on views and ideas about one another. 

Amplify our Voices

Creating or joining diverse, global think-tank that welcome ideas from women of color across all skin colors, ethic heritages and class lines and provide a platform for innovation within our communities.

Empower our Sisters

Fostering economic synergy by building spaces designed to support collaborative teaching, resource sharing and global networking while providing support for the for-profits, nonprofits, schools and programs in our neighborhoods and especially those that will erupt from within our sisterhood.

Our Commitments to   Sisterhood
Holding Hands
Providing Mutual Support

We endeavor to support our sisters through effective networking, brave discussions and practical services from trained professionals.

Engaging in Radical Self-Care

We seek to support our sisters through radical self-care sessions, workshops, and retreats where we will teach effective ways to consistently implement such practices.

Hanging Decorations
Honoring our Heritage and Ancestry

We strive to embrace ourselves by returning to our roots and honoring our ancestors. Honoring our heritage involves learning from our elders and returning to the land of our ancestors; we plan to do all of that!

Join us!

Let's amplify and support the voices of our peoples together.