Bridge Builders: Youth Coalition

A coalition of youth focused on healing through engagement.
Becoming a Bridge Builder

Both middle and high school age youth work together to create an anti-racism/advocacy framework for their peers while also creating and facilitating events in their neighborhoods to bring youth together.  

Children Embracing in Circle
Young Revolutionary Storytellers
A free, non-profit program for middle and high schoolers who are interested in telling impactful stories about Washington, DC residents, neighborhoods, and communities through photography, animation, and film.
Photo Lab

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Lens Logo

Young photographers learn aperture opening, shutter speed, camera angles, and subject shots as a means to tell stories through photography.


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Astronaut Fireflies Animation

Budding animators will learn and teach one another numerous techniques for animating, producing scores, sound effects, and character-building bringing life to stories told via animation.


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Yellow Sketched Film

Burgeoning filmmakers will learn the art of film production and direction, writing, blocking, storyboarding, camera angles, special effects, creating scores, etc. to bring life to important stories in their communities.


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Child Model

Our young revolutionary storytellers will learn how to create and manage programs within our framework. From newscasts and podcasts to comedies, dramas, and documentaries middle-schools will gain training and experience in how to tell a story effectively and teach other children their age how to do it as well.

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